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"id" : 10214,
"id" : 21044,
"default" : true,
"name" : "Yuna Kureha",
"desc" : "The eldest Sister of Promised Blood, specializing in strategic fighting. After accepting her resentment, she no longer hides her bitterness, and is fueled by her emotions. She is extremely sweet to her friends. She's fond of ice cream to cool her head.",
"cv" : "Akiho Suzumoto"
"name" : "Madoka Iroha",
"desc" : "Magical Girls who endure pain and heartbreak for others' happiness, and weep for others' misfortunes. After fighting together, they kept in touch, perhaps because they shared a similar past of low self-confidence and reservation. Both unaware their encounter was a miracle.",
"cv" : "Aoi Yuuki, Momo Asakura"
"id" : 10244,
"id" : 21014,
"default" : true,
"name" : "Juri Ooba",
"desc" : "The second Sister of Promised Blood, specializing in combat. Despite her rough nature, she shares a deep bond with her comrades. Beware when her temper explodes, she shows little regard for human life. She enjoys video games, but isn't very good at them.",
"cv" : "Kayuki Matsumoto"
"name" : "Ultimate Madoka",
"desc" : "A Goddess who watches over Magical Girls from the furthest reaches of the universe’s present, past, and future. She knows all there is to know about Magical Girls and provides the blessings for all of them, but for the first time since coming into being, she found a Magical Girl she does not recognize...",
"cv" : "Aoi Yuuki"
"id" : 10234,
"id" : 10424,
"default" : true,
"name" : "Ao Kasane",
"desc" : "The third sister of Promised Blood, specializing in tactics. She provokes others with her arrogant attitude, but inside she’s a cautious person who calmly analyzes her surroundings. For this reason, she can often get fed-up with her sisters’ impulsive behavior. She likes to play games and read books by herself.",
"cv" : "Satomi Amano"
"name" : "Little Kyubey",
"desc" : "A Kyubey specimen that only exists within Kamihama City. Different from other Kyubeys and looks very young. People used to see it wandering around the city. Now, it’s frequently seen with Mikazuki Villa residents. It’s unclear what goal it has and is very much a mystery.",
"cv" : "Katou Emiri"
"id" : 10224,
"id" : 13014,
"default" : true,
"name" : "Hikaru Kirari",
"desc" : "A Promised Blood Magical Girl who behaves like a servant. If it's for the people she trusts, she's willing to fight, risk her life, and provide daily support. However, she lacks motivation and can't take care of herself when she's alone.",
"cv" : "Fuuka Izumi"
"name" : "Iroha Yachiyo",
"desc" : "This Magical Girl pair was able to obtain a strength that support them during a battle with an overwhelmingly strong Witch. Although they started off as enemies, they wound up becoming the best of friends, connected by a unbreakable bond. They wings can only be seen the moment that power is ready.",
"cv" : "Momo Asakura, Sora Amamiya"
"id": 10011,

@ -0,0 +1 @@
{"story":{"group_1":[{"autoTurnLast":0.01,"bg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"},{"bgm":"bgm04_movie01","nameNarration":"","narration":"Once upon a time,@beyond the far future,@there is a goddess of Magical Girls@higher than the heavens.","narrationBg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","narrationCoverOpacity":0.0,"narrationEffect":"in","turnChangeOut":"fadeOut"},{"narration":"Every day,@the goddess sits upon the edge of the universe,@listening to countless records spin round and round,@and smiles gently."},{"narration":"The sounds of the universe being born long, long ago,@the voices of young girls cheering in the far future,@the goddess watches over Magical Girls."},{"narration":"She listens to each and every one of them@\"without favoring any\"."},{"narration":"However, there is but one record@that is \"special\" to the goddess."},{"narration":"It is one that the goddess \"was not aware of\",@a record that continues to play new singing voices,@that the goddess is always carefully listening to."},{"autoTurnLast":2.0,"turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"}]},"version":3}

@ -0,0 +1 @@
{"story":{"group_1":[{"autoTurnLast":0.01,"bg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"},{"bgm":"bgm04_movie01","nameNarration":"","narration":"Round and round it spins.@Voices sing, as many as the stars sparkling in the heavens.@She listens to them all,@but the goddess's eyes fixate upon only one record.","narrationBg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","narrationCoverOpacity":0.0,"narrationEffect":"in","turnChangeOut":"fadeOut"},{"narration":"The goddess, of course, had reason@to give such special treatment to it,@this record that plays \"new\" singing voices still."},{"narration":"In this vast, vast universe,@there is nothing the goddess knows not."},{"narration":"For the goddess knows and cherishes all records,@and remembers them well."},{"narration":"Huh? Was there a record like this?"},{"narration":"She found them while the stars twinkled in their sleep,@but here another record lies,@forgotten to be spun."},{"narration":"One that should be known, yet is \"unknown\".@One she should have remembered,@yet her eyes have \"met them for the first time\".@This record perplexed the goddess."},{"narration":"The goddess recognizes the singing voices@playing upon the engraved record.@They belong to Magical Girls upon whom@she has granted her blessings."},{"narration":"But it had only just begun."},{"narration":"As she continued listening,@the goddess realized her blessed song@had not touched upon this record,@as if the \"unknown\" voices were engraving it."},{"narration":"The goddess was confused, bewildered."},{"narration":"As she gazed upon this mysterious record,@observing the slightest strain of the grooves@as they are engraved,@she knew this record was still being made."},{"narration":"After some hesitation,@the goddess decided to watch over this \"special\" record."},{"narration":"For if she forced her blessed song upon this record,@it may very well break."},{"autoTurnLast":2.0,"turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"}]},"version":3}

@ -0,0 +1 @@
{"story":{"group_1":[{"autoTurnLast":0.01,"bg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"},{"bgm":"bgm04_movie01","nameNarration":"","narration":"The goddess decided to watch over@the mysterious and \"special\" record,@but not without unease.","narrationBg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","narrationCoverOpacity":0.0,"narrationEffect":"in","turnChangeOut":"fadeOut"},{"narration":"The singing voices echoed through the mirror,@trying to intertwine with@the voices blessed by the goddess."},{"narration":"As if two fates are binding together,@the record ties to another with soft thread.@Like a tin can phone,@the \"new\" singing voices were trying to be heard@from the other record."},{"narration":"How incredibly dangerous this is,@for the echoing sound could damage@the other record immensely."},{"narration":"For a time, the goddess pondered,@watching the stars and planets circle about.@Mmhmm she softly murmured in worry."},{"narration":"Is it better to cut this thread?@Or is cutting it too dangerous?"},{"narration":"Though she had prepared herself@to break the \"special\" record,@she couldn't help but remember those \"new\" singing voices@and the great effort they made to play."},{"narration":"One more, just one more turn.@I'll wait for the stars caressing this record@to revolve one more time."},{"narration":"And no touching it."},{"narration":"Huh? The thread is unraveling."},{"narration":"The goddess was in doubt.@Should she cut the thread?@The \"new\" singing voices playing on the record@were unraveling the thread@they wrapped themselves in."},{"narration":"Like a gentle hand outstretched,@yet tempted by sin, the length of thread unties itself@and is safely put away@before entangling itself with other singing voices."},{"narration":"The goddess gently holds the other record.@Not a single scratch upon it.@The glow of the stars sparkle and shine across it."},{"narration":"The Magical Girls sing, at peace.@Song after blessed song gently wraps them."},{"narration":"...This one is still okay."},{"narration":"The white nebula slowly sways.@The goddess sighed in relief."},{"narration":"If other records remain undamaged,@the goddess need not break this \"special\" record."},{"autoTurnLast":2.0,"turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"}]},"version":3}

@ -0,0 +1 @@
{"story":{"group_1":[{"autoTurnLast":0.01,"bg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"},{"bgm":"bgm04_movie01","nameNarration":"","narration":"Faster than the white nebula of the goddess's sigh@could even dissipate,@from the record engraving its \"new\" singing voices@flowed a song of sorrow.","narrationBg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","narrationCoverOpacity":0.0,"narrationEffect":"in","turnChangeOut":"fadeOut"},{"narration":"This was not the first time@she heard such sharp echoes,@like the silvery sparkle of stars@piercing the icy night of winter."},{"narration":"This record...@Sometimes it plays songs of painful screams."},{"narration":"This record is not the first to play songs of sadness,@however, as the goddess listens@to the singing voices for her first time,@she already knows just what brought them."},{"narration":"Though grief it may be, there is no despair..."},{"narration":"The song is always the same.@A song of caged birds singing@with their gaze upon the blue sky.@A prayer to find hope and salvation."},{"narration":"This prayer...@Though the goddess be filled with unease and worry,@this prayer is her reason to not break this \"special\" record."},{"narration":"So long as this \"special\" record's prayers@break not the prayers of others,@she will watch over them."},{"narration":"Just as caged birds dream of freedom@to fly as they wish through the blue sky,@I too dream of a time where they can rejoice and play."},{"autoTurnLast":2.0,"turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"}]},"version":3}

@ -0,0 +1 @@
{"story":{"group_1":[{"autoTurnLast":0.01,"bg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"},{"bgm":"bgm04_movie01","nameNarration":"","narration":"So long as their voices resound together,@singing, praying, believing in hope,@even if she feels worried,@the goddess shall not break this \"special\" record.","narrationBg":"bg_adv_20411.jpg","narrationCoverOpacity":0.0,"narrationEffect":"in","turnChangeOut":"fadeOut"},{"narration":"For it held some promise."},{"narration":"Just as there are singing voices \"I know not\",@perhaps there is happiness I too \"know not\"?"},{"narration":"Happiness remains happiness,@feelings remain feelings,@wishes remain wishes."},{"narration":"Prayers remain hope.@Only despair they need not."},{"narration":"Until the time comes@that these prayers break,@the goddess shall watch over them."},{"narration":"Even if they be painful,@difficult, stressful, miserable,@so long as these singing voices@spin the \"special\" record with hope,@she dare not break it."},{"narration":"The goddess, unable to give her song of blessing,@can only speak in a gentle voice."},{"narration":"I know, right now@you are fighting a difficult and painful battle."},{"narration":"I know not what future you will follow..."},{"narration":"Of so many universes,@there is proof of but one strange universe within..."},{"narration":"But you know, looking at it another way,@all of you can open the future yourselves.@This universe is one without a singular fate."},{"narration":"So do not lose,@no matter how painful it may be."},{"narration":"Because I'm sure, someday,@you will be able to create a future of salvation."},{"autoTurnLast":0.01,"bgm":"stop","narrationEffect":"out","turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"},{"nameNarration":"","narration":"Today, the \"special\" record began redoing its engraving.","narrationCoverOpacity":0.0,"narrationEffect":"in","turnChangeOut":"fadeOut","turnChangeOutTime":1.5},{"narration":"What kind of record will it become?"},{"narration":"Even the goddess knows not."},{"autoTurnLast":0.01,"narrationEffect":"out","turnChangeIn":"fadeIn","turnChangeInTime":1.5},{"nameNarration":"","narration":"Even the goddess understands not.","narrationCoverOpacity":0.0,"narrationEffect":"in","turnChangeOut":"fadeOut","turnChangeOutTime":1.5},{"autoTurnLast":2.0,"bg":"black","bgm":"stop","narrationEffect":"out","turnChangeIn":"fadeIn","turnChangeInTime":2.0},{"armatureList":[{"animation":["action"],"armatureId":1,"filePath":"resource/image_native/effect/story/general/602301_5.ExportJson","zOrder":"charaFront"}],"autoTurnLast":2.0,"turnChangeOut":"fadeOut"},{"autoTurnLast":2.0,"deleteArmatureList":[1],"turnChangeIn":"fadeIn"}]},"version":3}