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Kamihama Server

Custom server for serving localized assets for Magia Record to be used in conjunction with https://github.com/rayshift/magiatranslate.

Build Instructions

Windows: dotnet publish -c Release KamihamaWeb

Linux: dotnet publish -r linux-x64 -c Release KamihamaWeb

Config options

  • Proxy: Leave empty or specify a HTTP proxy
  • MaxThreads: Specify to client how many concurrent downloads can take place (higher number = more server load)
  • Version: Minimum client version in client's Config.h to connect to this server (or an error will be shown to the user)
  • Type: master or replica server (see load balancing)

Load balancing

If you use Cloudflare and have the CF-IPCountry header set with a GeoIP country code you can load balance by specifying alternate endpoints, where the correct endpoint will be sent to the user on login:

"MagiRecoNodes": {
    "US": "https://us-endpoint.rayshift.io/game",
    "*": "https://global-endpoint.rayshift.io/game"

If the country code isn't found in the config file, the default (*) will be used.


  • Edit the configuration file appsettings(.Development).json using the example given in appsettings.Example.json
  • Create a directory MagiaRecoStatic/ in the binaries' working directory.
  • Clone https://git.rayshift.io/kamihama/magia-assets.git or your own assets into this directory git clone URL.
  • Run the server, either directly ./KamihamaWeb, or through a systemd service:


Description=Kamihama Server

ExecStart=/home/rayshift/KamihamaWeb/KamihamaWeb --urls
# Restart service after 10 seconds if the dotnet service crashes:


Bash file to update assets:

cd /home/rayshift/KamihamaWeb
cd MagiRecoStatic/ && git pull --rebase origin master && cd .. && rm en_cache.json && sudo systemctl restart kestrel-kamihama-prod.service


Contributions are strongly encouraged as this server implementation will not receive further updates by its creator. Please create a pull request with your changes.