Magia Record Assets
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Ceta 48c75f266b 20240612 (#151)
add kagome's hundred monsters event story rerun part1 - tl by ashes, json by antimony, intro asset by vivi
add asahi halloween costume story - tl by mochi, json by antimony
add memoria edits by jilly
add takina mss - tl by bst, json by antimony
add Kagome's Hundred Monsters event story - tl by Ashes, json by Antimony, title assets by Vivi

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Co-authored-by: Ceta <>
Co-committed-by: Ceta <>
2024-06-13 04:38:30 +01:00
magica/resource 20240612 (#151) 2024-06-13 04:38:30 +01:00
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Kamihama Magia Assets

This repo contains all the english assets for the Kamihama server.

Users with direct access to this repo: Yai#2022 (Ceta), 320183411954286593/LiviaMedeiros, Neo